STOP SMOKING is the number one service used by our clients. Besides the important health issues associated with cigarette smoking, chewing, pipe and cigar use, tobacco after effects are a detriment to the smoker but also to the general public. Many companies may terminate employee relationships with tobacco users due to the high cost of  Group insurances and the issue of missed work due to illness. Some employers depending on legal grounds will not hire current tobacco users. 

We are able to stop your habit within one or two Hypnosis sessions. 


GRIEF COUNSELING is the process of providing support to those left behind or are pending a loss of someone or something. These losses include family members, friends and even family pets. We understand the lost and a future which now has a empty spot. We provide support and understanding and assist people to move forward in a positive manner. 

This service can be provided for in our offices or at another location such as a hospital. 

PAST LIFE REGRESSION is a method of Hypnosis which allows a Client to revisit a previous or more than one previous life. We believe this process of more than one life time experience allows for the continued spiritual growth of the individual. However, some experiences result in current life issues which may include a lack of confidence, physical handicaps, the lack of the ability to have children and other problematic situations. These journeys are only for the purpose of learning about oneself and correcting those issues which are a detriment to growth and progress. 

We have been highly successful with these journeys, as we have over 1500 hours of Past Life Regression sessions. 

ALCOHOL ABUSE as with drug abuse, is a learned habit supported by the brain's desire for pleasure. The brain finds the resulting "pleasures" of Alcohol as a positive and increasingly enjoys the pleasure and demands the use of more alcohol to support it's feeling of pleasure. Our approach to assist clients is to first reduce the brain's reliance of and it's preparation of alcohol intake. Finally, we provide positive re-enforcement and replacement of the desire of Alcohol. This again is a process and requires the abuser to make a full COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to leaving behind those situations and people who perpetrate Alcohol use and abuse. 

LOSS OF PORTION CONTROL and DECISION MAKING resulting in WEIGHT GAIN is another acquired habit which can be greatly modified through Hypnotherapy. Any habit is learned over time as the brain readily accepts and responds to the pleasures of food and over time the brain INCREASINGLY demands more. Busy lives, food advertisements and the requirement to fuel the body help assist in weight gain.

Eating food is a must, however eating the right foods and portion control allow us to control food intake and the resulting weight reduction. We offer Weight Loss plans and accompanying Hypnotherapy sessions to reinforce positive decisions and portion control. 


The Human condition contains many situations which require a Holistic approach to remedy or in the least modify the pain and effects. The field of Hypnotherapy is expanding and providing improvements to people's lives. This is why we are Hypnotherapists. To help people and expand the use of Hypnosis for the betterment of Mankind. 

​Contact us if you have run out of options and still desire a pathway to a better life. 

DRUG USE and CONTROL covers the use of both Illegal drugs and Prescription drugs. Cause and effect as the brain is affected and finds the use pleasurable while furthering the demand and increasing the use and amount of drugs. Unfortionately both the use and the resulting increase many times lead to death of the user. Clients come to use because of the stigma of DRUG USE but also they have run out of options offered by society. We look at users as victims and understand the brain's complicit nature. Hypnotherapy reduces the brain's demand for more while positively re-enforcing non-use. It is a process but it works. 

We demand a solid and proven COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to makes one's self as a self surviving human being paramount. Leaving behind those situations and people perpetrating drug use and abuse. 

The Center for Intuitive Guidance

Dayton, Ohio

STRESS is a minute to minute, day to day issue related to job, family and life's other responsibilities. Stress has many effects such as physical issues, such as headaches, back pain, heart problems skin issues and can lead to dependencies such as drug and Alcohol abuse. Stress is a cause and effect issue and is a detriment to a physically happy and quality life. 

Smoking and Weight Gain are two other effects which are a result of Stress. Our approach is simple when it concerns stress. Hypnotherapy provides a method to change our handling of stress and provide a pathway to a happy life.